Iā€™m Elisabetta, a (not too) young graphic designer. My expertise is focused on giving a visual voice to those who need to be heard and who  are making a positive social impact. I mostly work with scientific associations, cultural associations, feminist groups, LGBTQI communities, and any company or small business that provides a positive social service to the community. I believe that visual communication is an important part of a process to significantly improve the world we live in. My mission is to make complexity understandable.

My fields include: brand identity, infographic, magazine and book design, web layout design, illustrations. I also create communication strategies on all the social platforms.


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Italia Unita per la Scienza

ProTest Italia

Lazy Dog Pres

University of Greenwich Feminist Society


Ecologic Point


Notes ā€” the follow projects have been developed with Laura Belli and Valentina Fuzzi: Bubble Studio, Protest Italia, La Fabbrica delle Idee